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Girls Just Want To Have Fun!

Here at Samui Nannies, our nannies and office based teams get together on a regular basis to enjoy a night out, network, and connect over a delicious meal. Not always an easy task, logistically, when we have so many nannies, families and nanny assignments!

We also conduct regular training sessions at our monthly meetings to assist in the development of our nannies and babysitters at Samui Nannies and to share best practice.

As a member of INA (International Nanny Association) we are privileged to share in the latest in industry standards, including recruitment, training and business development and to tailor these to our own business, reflecting best practice in our own company procedures.

This means that our standards are high and that our clients benefit from trained and experienced nannies supported by a dedicated local management team, who are all based on Koh Samui.

Last month we enjoyed a Thai BBQ and a lively discussion about favorite beach games and craft activities. It is amazing what can be made with a banana leaf! Apparently everything from musical instruments to headdresses to baskets...

We look forward to seeing some of these creations in the office.

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