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Why Hire a Nanny on Vacation?

Many of our parents holidaying on Koh Samui find that they can use a helping hand to make their holiday even more relaxing, and a nanny is the perfect way to fill that need.

Here are some of the benefits to booking a nanny from Samui Nannies.

You Can Focus on Your Children

It may sound strange that having someone help care for your children when you are there too can actually help you focus more on them, but it's true. Being on holiday with small children can be hard work. You can't even go to the bathroom without worrying that one of the little ones will be climbing the balcony or running off towards the swimming pool!

A nanny can step in to take care of your children when you need something as simple as a shower or someone to watch the kids while you go for a massage or just go for a swim without the children hanging off your neck! Nannies can also help with those essential tasks like preparing food, keeping the children's things tidy and organizing the constant supply of towels, dry clothes, sunscreen and insect repellant.

Hiring a nanny can give you more time to actually focus on your children without feeling like you're the one who's the nanny. The time you have on vacation is precious and being able to commit your attention to your children whilst also relaxing is a careful balancing act.

You Can Focus on Yourself

Working and raising a family doesn't leave much time for taking care of yourself. We always say our family comes first but we need to come first too.

Having a nanny during your vacation, even for a few hours per day, means that you can really benefit from your time off. A nanny can take some of the pressure so that you can spend some time on yourself instead.Recharging and taking a break from time to time will make you as parents better able to handle the challenges of parenthood whether on vacation or back at home.

You Don't Have the Usual Support

On vacation, some parents find that they are doing more chores than usual. More cleaning, laundry and more childcare.

Samui Nannies are here to help out. This means that you can delegate some of the more mundane parenting and domestic tasks to the nanny, leaving you time to play with your children and also take some time to relax yourself, knowing that your children are happy and being cared for in a stimulating and safe environment.

Your Nanny Provides Convenience

How often do your older children want to go swimming just as your baby has fallen asleep in her cot?

Having a nanny is convenient. Let the baby enjoy her nap while you or the nanny take the kids swimming. Pop out for lunch together whilst the nanny takes the kids to the resort kids club. A nanny will provide a consistent and convenient support to the whole family

She Can Be an Extension of You

Our nannies are an extension of you. At Samui Nannies, our nannies are trained to follow your parenting guidelines when it comes to rules, food, sleep and discipline. The key is to agree upon all of your expectations, from household rules to child care preferences, before the start of the booking and we ensure that all of our nannies are fully briefed regarding your family and your needs.

An experienced nanny adapts to the rules you've set out and follows your guidelines meaning that you can trust her to reinforce your parenting style even when you are not there.

She Provides Consistency/Reliability

Hiring a nanny who is dedicated to you and your family, even on a part-time basis, can provide consistency and reliability.

Our nannies become a professional, constant in your family for the duration of your vacation. Your nanny can be there on a set schedule during the hours you agree and she will also work overtime or alter her start and finish times according to your holiday plans. Her presence gives your family someone who's reliable and who you can count on to ensure that you all make the most of your precious holiday.

Part-time Hours

Some of our families don't need a full-time nanny. They just need a few hours a day to enjoy a massage or dinner. We have part-time nannies and babysitters that can offer care from 4 hours per day. And if you need more days, we will always try to ensure that you have the same nanny, to ensure continuity for you and the children.

Your Family's Needs Matter the Most

Do you need a nanny on vacation? The bottom line is, it's your decision.

Having a part- or full-time nanny can make your vacation more relaxing and ensure that both parents and children benefit from the holiday.

Whether it is an evening out or full-time care, Samui Nannies can provide the childcare you need to ensure "smiles all round!"

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