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      Tips for working with Thai Nannies


* Be aware that there are major cultural differences regarding childcare.

* Expect and allow a settling in period for the children and the family.

* Speak slowly and clearly; use simple language; check understanding.

* Spend time on the first day explaining exactly what your child eats, what time they eat, how to prepare food and how to feed your child (the Thais generally use their fingers to feed babies). 

* Explain any allergies or rules relating to food (sweets, ice-cream, fizzy drinks) and check that the Nanny understands these. 

* Explain your baby’s sleeping habits and times. E.g. do you have set time for bed? Do you give milk at bedtime? Do you exercise controlled crying? The Thais will instantly go and pick up a crying baby. Make sure your rules are clear.

* Please identify and highlight to the Nanny the specific risks you have identified relating to your child’s safety in their holiday environment, so that she can be vigilant.  Balconies and swimming pools are particularly dangerous for young, adventurous children.

* The Nannies use WhatsApp to keep in touch with clients – please ensure that you have downloaded the app and can connect with your Nanny in case you need to rearrange start times or in case you are out and she needs to contact you for any reason. 

* Please be aware that the Nannies travel to work by motorbike and therefore if it is raining, please allow her some leeway (for safety reasons) if she is late for work.

* Please provide fresh drinking water for the nanny.

* For each shift of 8 hours, please give the Nanny 100 THB meal allowance.

* Overtime (over 8 hours worked in a single shift) is charged at 400 THB per hour or part hour and can be arranged with and paid, direct to the Nanny.  

* The Nanny works for you for the duration of the contract.  Please make all arrangements related to her assignment (start times, resort changes) directly with her.  Let her know at the end of each day, what time she should start work the following day.

* It is common to tip a nanny if you feel that they have done a good job. The average is between 500 - 2500 BHT.


Have a great time!

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