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About Your Nanny

We work with a select number of individually trained and experienced Nannies and Babysitters.  All of our Nannies and Babysitters are Thai nationals.  They can all speak English and can swim.
All are First Aid trained in CPR and Care for Children.
We match the nanny to your family according to the ages of your children, any special needs they might have and your location on the island.

Samui Nannies on the beach
Nanny Porn, Samui Nannies

Nanny Porn is 48 years old and originally from Chiang Mai.  She is one of our original Nannies and she has worked with children of a variety of ages (including newborn twins).  She has experience of families from many different countries.  Porn is a trained masseuse and an excellent cook. Nanny Porn is a fun and caring nanny and particularly likes working with pre-school children.  She loves walking by the sea, especially at sunset!

Nanny Beer, Samui Nannies

Nanny Beer has been working for Samui Nannies for a little over two years.  Prior to this she was a spa assistant in a 5* resort in Phuket.  She enjoys watching TV and going out with friends in her spare time.

Nanny Chu, Samui Nannies

Nanny Chu is 33 years old and originally from Chiang Rai.  She comes from a long line of coconut plantation farmers.  She has one son aged two years.  Nanny Chu is a very active Nanny who loves to run on the beach.  She has lots of energy and loves swimming in the sea.

Nanny Jun, Samui Nannies

Nanny Jun is married with a young son.  She is 41 years old and originally from the north of Thailand.  She moved to Koh Samui in 2008 to help run her sister's restaurant and she has been working for Samui Nannies since 2014.  Nanny Jun enjoys yoga when she has time and also playing with her son.

Nanny Pon, Samui Nannies

Nanny Pon was raised in Suratthani - a student in Travel and Tourism, Pon works part-time for Samui Nannies.  Nanny Pon especially enjoys working with boys as the has three brothers.

In her spare time, Nanny Pon likes traveling, sending time with friends and going to the movies.

Nanny Da, Samui Nannies

Nanny Da is married with three daughters.  Her husband owns a local restaurant.  She is 43 years old and was raised in Koh Samui.  She is an expert in Thai cookery and has been known to cook for our clients!  Nanny Da enjoys knitting and helping her husband out in his business when she is not busy with her girls!

Nanny Joy joined Samui Nannies two years ago, following a spell working in a kids club in a 5* resort in Phuket.  Nanny Joy is fluent in English and can also speak some French, having a French partner.  Nanny Joy enjoys running in her spare time and competes in local charity running events on Koh Samui.

Nanny Tom, Samui Nannies

Nanny Tom is 42 years old.  A trained masseuses, she has been working for Samui Nannies for over 5 years and is one of our longest serving Nannies.  She is playful and fun and our older children love hanging out with her.  Nanny Tom does not have any children of her own but she has plenty of experience, having 6 nephews and nieces.

Nanny Joy, Samui Nannies
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