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Its Raining on Samui (and the kids are bored)!

If you have booked a beach holiday you will no doubt be asking why there is rain when it is supposed to be sunny? Well, just like otherplaces on earth, our island needs rain too. Its the rain that gives the island its fresh green color and keeps the eco-system in balance. Statistically, November is the wettest month, however if you are coming to Koh Samui at any time of year; expect some rain at some point and plan ahead!

As we live here, we are used to rain - anything from irritating, dull, 'threatening to rain, but not actually raining' rain, to full-on can't actually hear yourself speak monsoon storms. After 12 years of the "I'm bored, its raining", "what can we do" I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

The first thing I notice about my children is that they actually love (initially anyway) the rain and the heavier the better. From toddler upwards, they have loved playing outside, jumping in puddles, running on the beach in the rain. So if you can, cut them loose! If you have a nanny from Samui Nannies, so much the better. You can remain dry, whilst the Nanny plays with the kids in the rain. Find a playground, indoors or outdoors, or hit the beach, - settle yourself into a nice restaurant for breakfast, lunch or cocktails and allow the kids to have some fun with their Nanny (don't forget a change of clothes)!

If the rain persists, and DVDs, iPads, arts and crafts, board games and hide and seek have been exhausted, below are our go to rainy day activities:

1. See a movie

Central Festival and Tesco, Chaweng both have movie theaters. My kids love making an afternoon of it with drinks, popcorn, a mooch around the shops and dinner afterwards.

Tesco has an indoor play area and Central Festival has a sand play area and also some virtual rides and a Pirate themed haunted house.

2. 3D Art Gallery

Something great for kids and adults is a visit to Samui’s only 3D Art Gallery.

Samui 3D Art Gallery turns boring wall paintings into stunning works of art. 3D pictures and optical illusion images provide a lot of fun and some great photo opportunities. Located in Choeng Mon, the gallery is split into 2 levels with rooms filled with interesting images. This is a guaranteed place to have some family fun whilst it is pouring outside!

3. Family Foot Massage

I have been taking my kids for a foot massage since they were three years old. They both love it and the masseurs love having the children also.

Both my children also enjoyed getting their nails painted. Most masseurs will discount the children, charging just a nominal fee.

Whilst the children are having their foot massages, mum and dad can relax also, enjoying a massage, foot scrub or other treatment. Every beach or town will have a selection of massage shops from which to chose. Couple this with an explore of the surrounding area (beach or town) and a spot of lunch or shopping, and you easily have a half-day activity.

4. Escape Break at Beach Republic

Escape Break is a real-life escape game. You and up to five friends are locked within a themed game and must work together to find hidden objects, uncover the clues and solve the puzzles to earn your freedom! You have one hour to escape. Suitable for adults, teenagers and older children - and anyone not interested can enjoy a fabulous lunch overlooking the sea at Beach Republic's critically acclaimed restaurant.

5. Yoga Class

There are many yoga classes available allover the island, catering for beginners upwards. Older children are also welcome to attend these classes- I have been taking my daughter since she was four years old and we usually position ourselves near the exit, so that she can leave early if she gets bored.

The Yogarden is particularly recommended as they have a lovely garden and cafe with a few books and toys - lunch or a smoothy is a great idea after class and Fishermans' Village is easily accessible via the back garden of the Yogarden for a wander afterwards.

6. Art Class

Almost opposite Big C in Chaweng, you will find Kaset's Art studio. Open every day except Friday (10.00 - 18.00), you can book in for an art class - mornings are usually not busy.

Kaset caters for both adults and children and private lessons can be arranged, so a family class could be a possibility for the arty tribe!

Lessons last for two hours, so why not drop the kids off with the Nanny while you go for lunch.

7. Laser Tag

We came here with many friends for a birthday party. It is above MacDonalds in Chaweng. Drinks and snacks are available for when you’re waiting for your game and the music in is modern and lively. A great wet weather activity for kids ( and big kids!)

8. Temple Tour

Unless the weather really is a washout, it is usually still possible to see something of the island, and temples are a good option as they offer indoor areas.

Big Buddha and Plai Laem temples are close together and could be visited in a single day. Big Buddha also has a variety of shops, cafes and restaurants and Plai Laem is situated on a large lake, has lots of nice statues and a large area to explore.

9. Muay Thai

May Thai is the national sport of Thailand and there are many Muay Thai gyms, clubs and studios offering Muay Thai classes for children from four years upwards.

Kids love Muay Thai and its great for burning off some excess energy!

Very young children will need to join a kids class or arrange for a private class, however older kids will be able to join a group class and most gyms hold these twice per day, morning and early evening.

Recommended gyms holding kids classes include Superpro in Chaweng and FitKoh in Bang Por.

10. Dirty Bass Fitness

Located near Bandon Hospital, Dirty Bass Fitness is an awesome dance studio for kids and adults of all levels.

Owner-operator, Ashley is a Fitness Instructor who teaches many different dance classes and also offers on one Personal Training and Dance lessons.

Teenage girls love his funky classes and innovative routines, all accompanied by some vibrant dance tracks!

What better way to spend a rainy afternoon (or morning) than throwing some shapes as Ashley's studio.

Whatever you decide to do - enjoy! You are on holiday and just like your vacation, the rain won't last forever!!

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