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Less Connectivity; More Connection!

So we have arrived via Bangkok to our new home, at least for the next 6 weeks.

Last week's studying had to accommodate two days of traveling (we drove to Bangkok), as well as a change of country and timezone (albeit only an hour).

We arrived in Bali two days ago. We fell in love with Bali two years ago, when we came here to celebrate our 50th birthdays and since then we have hopped over whenever time allows to enjoy the surfing, yoga and amazing food.

Jack surfing

So - mainly the surfing - as we have an abundance of yoga and amazing food on Samui.

Anyway - I digress.

The last week of homeschool appeared to have gone much better. The kids both did well in their Physics and Chemistry assessments and there were less hiccups with maths than previously - helped by the 'acquisition' of the answers to their workbooks.

Our villa is a haven of tranquility, and in keeping with Balinese tradition, is literally 'without walls'. Situated in a traditional Balinese village, and backing onto rice paid fields it is just a few minutes drive from our favorite surf beach (Batu Bolong).

What is more challenging is that, along with this local experience has arrived an almost non-existent internet connection, which makes it difficult for us to keep in touch with what is going on at home (for us read work and for the kids,Netflix).

This has required some adjustment and lowering of expectations - hubby was a little disappointed not to see his last football game of the season and the children complained non-stop at first.

But out of this disappointment has emerged a renewal of the family entertainment that I experienced as a child - endless games of cards, swimming and conversation over dinner. Personally, I think it is a good thing and there are plenty of decent wifi offerings wherever we chose to eat brunch after surfing.

This week-we are re-establishing the homeschool discipline and I hope that the tears of frustration from both children and parent (hubby is more resilient) will subside.

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