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Family Fun at the Beach

A day at the beach is always huge fun for the whole family! If you booked two weeks on Koh Samui and decided to spend every single one of them relaxing on the beach, then your little ones might mess with your plans because they need a little more action!!

Here's how you keep them busy so that everybody gets the holiday he or she wants. Try our amazing sandy game ideas to give your family the best beach days ever.

Funny shadow faces

Enjoy the sun and the shadows it casts. Have everybody in your family draw a funny face in the sand and then take a picture with your shadow heads and the funny faces.


Everyone can build a snowman in the middle of winter, so how about a cute little sandman in summer? Use wet sand, small shells or stones and a little stick to make it. You could even make your whole family!

Sand angels

Speaking of snowy things in summer: How about making a snow angel on the beach, or better put, a sand angel. Even the youngest can join this fun activity.

Highest peak and bottomless hole

First round: Every player gets a shovel and 5 minutes time to make the highest peak. The highest one gets 3 points, the second highest 2 and so on.

Second round: Every player has to dig as deep as possible with just the hands in 2 minutes. Who gets 3, 2 and 1 point?

Who wins the game?

Sandy clues

Press some random things into the sand while your kids aren't allowed to look. Use keys, shells, your feet, ice cream sticks or anything you'll find. Then have your kids guess what it was that you used to make the print.