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Tips for a happy Family Vacation

Our advice as parents when planning a family trip is to plan something for everyone.

"Too often, trips revolve around just the kids," says Shelly Rivoli, author of "Travels with Baby." "Maybe you spend your week at an amusement park or Disney World, only to come home needing a vacation from the vacation." Rivoli suggests figuring out what each family member wants to get out of the vacation, and then carving out time for different activities: "Maybe dad wants to play golf or mom wants to go to a spa." You can still fit that in alongside sightseeing, amusement parks, visiting relatives or other activities."

Factor in the Kids Too

Just as some parents may not focus on themselves, others forget that kids may have a different perspective. "When our kids were little we went to this beautiful, secluded beach," says Katherine, a consultant and mother of two. "But the kids were so bored, we wound up spending most days at the huge resort nearby because they have water slides, kids activities and other children to play with.

These days we have put the idea of boutique resorts on-hold in favor of kids clubs and larger resort-style hotels.

Manage Expectations.

A busy sightseeing schedule may be too much for little ones, while dinner at a fancy restaurant may not work with a rambunctious toddler," says Michelle Duffy, co-author of "Wanderlust and Lipstick: Traveling with Kids."

"Just as with everything else related to parenting, you need to be aware of your child's needs as well as yours, and find a balance which works for everyone."

Here in Koh Samui we are blessed with an abundance of gorgeous restaurants and up-market spas. A holiday is a perfect time for couples to reconnect and having a nanny for at least a few hours per day means that the parents can enjoy some free time knowing that their children are safe and having fun with their Nanny.

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