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Care For Children and CPR Training

The safety of the children in our care is our number one priority and we pay a lot of attention to this in both the training and briefing of our nannies and during the introductory meeting with our clients.

Most resorts have new and exciting environments to tempt children, including swimming pools, balconies, vast gardens and of course the beach. We always talk to the parents at the start of each assignment to gain an insight into the personality and character of the children. Some children like to climb and some like to run - some are curious and some love water. Being aware helps our nannies to anticipate and prevent potential accidents.

All of our nannies carry a first-aid kit with them and they all have first-aid training. We recently went to Bangkok to attend a Care for Children Course which covered CPR and emergency procedures in the event of serious incidents such as drowning and choking.

The course also covered basic skills such a wound cleaning and bandaging.

First Aid training is a continual process at Samui Nannies and we hold regular refreshers for our Nannies to ensure that their knowledge is kept up to date.

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