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Activity Ideas: Off the Beach

If you are on vacation on Koh Samui, don't think that your children have only the beach to keep them occupied.

Koh Samui has a few good alternatives to the beach to keep the kids occupied and give them (and you) a change of scene.

We recommend the sandy playground at Central Festival in Samui - great for the Nanny and children to play in for an hour or so, whilst you shop or have lunch.

A larger and very good option is also available in Fisherman's Wharf in Bophut - again shops and restaurants abound.

For air-conditioned amusement, or if it happens to be raining, try Little Monkey Club in Maenam. It is worth noting also that Big C and the two larger Tescos (Chaweng and Lamai) both have children's play areas.

Little Monkey Club, Maenam

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